Our commitment

MOMMA is committed to building a brand with sustainability at our core. We are always striving to find ways to be better, to do better, and to protect and celebrate the earth we live on. We are committed as a business to continue to expand our sustainability efforts year-after-year. Here are some of the ways we are working to do our part:


Our swimwear is made from our signature recycled nylon/spandex blend. It is spun from regenerated eco-friendly recycled nylon, sourced from both pre-consumer industrial nylon waste, and post-consumer materials, such as discarded fishing nets.

Our signature sock is made from recycled cotton, and our signature hat is made with organic cotton.


All dyes MOMMA uses are non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified.


Our swimsuits are wrapped in a biodegradable plastic, our tissue and stickers are recyclable, and our mailers can be recycled as you would grocery bags.

1 order = 1 tree planted

For every order placed, MOMMA will plant one tree in a US National Forest by our partners at One Tree Planted and the United States Forest Service.


We want to hear from you about how you think we can be doing better to increase our sustainability efforts and our efforts to help uplift underrepresented communities. Please email us your ideas at ethicalma@mommalovesyou.com

When conceptualizing each design, there were a few principles we were unyielding on: each design had to be comfortable (like sleep-in-it comfortable—we product tested); styles had to be multifunctional so that women could wear their suits year-round; each cut had to be confidence-inspiring and empowering (basically, we never want a Ma to feel she has to skip dessert to feel sexy in our swimwear).


We hope you love wearing these designs as much as we loved making them. MOMMA is committed to demonstrating our reverence for your body, and its inherent magic, in everything we do.